Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's your type?

In the past I generally thought that personality types were about as useful as astrological signs--as in, not very.

But ever since my husband came home from a business meeting at which they discussed personality types, I have looked into the whole thing and now I am a believer. Maybe because, while some people are hard to peg, I am definitely an INFP, through and through. If you truly want to understand who I am, what I am like and where I am coming from, all you have to do is read a description of the INFP personality type.

Here, I'll make it easy for you:

Portrait of an INFP
(Make sure to notice the reference to the "mundane details of life maintenance." So, so true.)

Now, I'm curious about you, my friendly readers...what's your type? Are you as easily categorized as I am? Some people are definitely more on the line in some areas. Do you even think it matters what personality type you are? Does it help you to understand yourself or other people better?


Bing said...

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Torrie said...

oh my gosh, Ruth. My husband is SO into this stuff. He is also an INFP and even started a blog for INFP's!

I am an INTJ. Corin is always figuring out what everyone is, so I know more about this than i care to know, but yes, there seems to be a lot of truth to it.

Ruth said...

Oh great, Torrie, just what I needed, another blog to read...

Angela said...

ENFP...although my P is borderline J... Having 4 kids might have thrown me over to the J category completely, but I've always been an ENFP when I've taken it before. :)
No wonder we get along so well. We are almost the same person! ;)