Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No wake up calls for us

On a recent trip, my kids were in the middle of some imaginative pretend play in which my daughter's doll gets hurt and needs to be rescued.

Happy that they were playing together cooperatively for once, I curled up on the bed and started reading a magazine.

Then I tuned in and realized my 4-year-old son was shouting into the hotel phone: "Baby's hurt! Send an ambulance!"

I almost panicked before I remembered: the phone was unplugged.

Whenever we stay in a hotel room, the feature my kids enjoy most is that archaic device known as a plug-in telephone. They are well aware that nobody actually uses a phone like that anymore, so it's nothing but a toy to them.

Of course, the more we try to discourage them from touching the phone, the more appealing it becomes. Our solution is to simply unplug all the phones immediately upon entering any hotel room.

The kids can make all the "emergency" calls they want, and I can read my magazine in peace.


Meaghan said...

O likes to pretend her dolls are puking. They puke into the sink of her play kitchen, her pots, pans and mixing bowls. (We've been through a few G.I. viruses in her short life, obviously.)

So far, she's never asked for an ambulance.

Ruth said...

Meaghan, kind of a side note, but I think "Puking Babydolls" would be a good name for a band, should we ever want to start one.

Meaghan said...

The Puking Babydolls! Awesome! Are you on drums?