Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hawaii pictures!

Our first day at the beach I snapped tons of pictures of my husband playing with the kids. Everyone was running around, splashing in the water, rolling in the sand, and laughing.

I took picture after picture with my digital camera, catching all the fun to be recorded for years to come. Since I couldn't see the screen very well in the bright sunlight, I looked through the viewfinder instead as I snapped away.

Later, back in the hotel room, I checked the camera to see all my great snapshots of the day's fun:

Apparently, if you are using the zoom, the picture does not come out looking quite like what you see in the viewfinder.

Apparently, I need to learn how to use my camera.

Perhaps I should read the manual sometime.

Well, at least it was only the first day. And truth be told, I kind of like that shot of the water.


Meaghan said...

You've got a few contenders for the all-important holiday card here, for sure. Nice work!

Firefly mom said...

OK, ROFLMAO - only because this is something that I would do! At least you figured it out on your first day ;)

Ruth said...

That drives me crazy too. A shot looks so brilliant in the view finder and turns out disappointing.

But I like the shot of the shimmering water too. I need to get to the beach more this summer.

Cristina said...

The water shot is artistic!