Sunday, May 31, 2009

Enjoy 'em while they're little

How many times have I seen parents with their teenagers and thought, "That is our family in approximately one blink of an eye!"

Sometimes when the kids wake me up at 5:30 and we have multiple spills to clean up before my preferred wake-up time of 9:00, it feels like this stage will last forever. But I know it won't.

That's why, on my better days, I try to enjoy these years, in which:

* dandelions are very pretty flowers
* a kiss can instantly cure all but the worst of owies
* I still have better fashion sense then they do
* there's no one they'd rather hang out with than Mom and Dad


Meaghan said...

All true.

Why can't I remember this all the time? Like this morning, at 5:30, when the little one transferred herself to my bed and proceed to play with my nose--with her feet?!

That was kind of annoying.

But you're right, in about 20 minutes, I'll be lucky to get an eye roll and the days of snuggling in bed together--her feet in my face--will be over.

Now I feel like crying.

Mike Austin said...

Haley is 13, Emma is 12, Sophie is 9, and we're both in our 40s. Blink.