Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Peace on Earth

A while back we ordered takeout from a local Chinese restaurant. We were so thrilled to find a place with great food so close to our house, we completely forgot about the fortune cookies at the bottom of the bag.

The next day I found them, and put them in a little decorative Christmas dish on the kitchen counter.

The day after that I noticed that my husband had placed his fortune up on the kitchen windowsill. It was some words of wisdom about having the capacity to enjoy life. A day later my son discovered the cookies and wanted one. His fortune was an uncanny description of his personality. My little girl was in the room, so naturally she had to have one too. Her fortune said something about being sweet.

There was still one cookie left, but some distraction occurred--imagine that--and I thought nothing of it until about one week later. The kids were in bed, the husband was out of town, and around 11:30 I noticed the lone fortune cookie still sitting in the bowl.

That's mine, I suddenly realized, and I unwrapped it:

Indeed, I suppose I do. At least most of the time.


Angela said...

so true of you, my sweet friendly friend! just one thing that i love about you.

kersten campbell said...

Beautifully written!

Cristina said...

Lovely. Nice sentiment! I know a trip to Tahoe and to see all of you sounds awesome! I've updated my blog. I wrote one ahead for tomorrow. That is a really great feature.