Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh, THAT Rocket.

A while back, I wrote about my 4-year-old son's certainty that he would find a rocket in his stocking on Christmas morning, and my inability to find a simple rocket ship.

I never did find one, but I did fashion this out of a toilet paper roll and construction paper:

After that he seemed to forget about finding a rocket in his stocking. That is, until December 23rd when he brought it up again. And he was more specific this time. Turns out he did not want a simple rocket ship after all.

He wanted "Rocket," from Disney's Little Einsteins:

There were a number of reasons why I did not plan to buy "Pat Pat Rocket":

1. When I looked online, the price ranged between $40 and $70, which is more than we normally spend on Christmas presents.

2. Although the reviews I read were mostly positive, many people mentioned that the volume was very loud.

3. The Little Einsteins action figures sorta look like they are on some illegal substance, especially Annie:

4. For all I know the toy contains unsafe levels of mercury, arsenic and/or lead, and will be recalled within six months.

5. The kids would probably come to blows over it, since all three of them like the Little Einsteins.

6. Another toy requiring batteries...(sigh).

However, in spite of all these perfectly good reasons, I caved.

I honestly didn't intend to buy Rocket. But on Christmas Eve, I stopped by Target to pick up some markers for the kids' stockings. Since our travel plans had been canceled and we would be spending the holiday at home, I wanted to have something special for them to do all day. Markers are special because they usually aren't allowed at our house, seeing as how my daughter hasn't necessarily grasped the "only on paper" rule just yet.

Anyway, while at Target I got sidetracked a bit and swept up into the flow of parents cruising the toy aisles. I saw that Pat Pat Rocket was on sale for $30. I picked it up. I put it down. Picked it up again.

The next morning, when I came downstairs and saw my little guy exuberantly bounding around the room, I knew I had made the right decision.

And the best part is, my son doesn't like really loud sounds, so he usually wants the volume turned to "off."


Meaghan said...

Oh the magic of the season!

I kind of like your toilet paper roll rocket. And I admire your artistry.

There's only so much we can do to shelter our children from the evil grasp of Marketing VP's. And your effort was valiant.

I wouldn't toss the toilet paper rocket just yet, you never know when the battery-operated one will be recalled.

Angela said...

sometimes you just have to cave.
i understand. i did it for maegan's bday. and, although she mostly only enjoyed that darn doll for a day or two (until she cut of its hair) i guess it was worth seeing the smile on her face.