Monday, December 22, 2008

Ruth, the Snowboarder

There is one thing that will motivate me to drag myself out of bed before dawn, and that is a day on the slopes.

That's my plan for Tuesday. As I write this Monday night at 9:47, I am syncing my iPod, charging my cell phone and hoping I can get myself to bed within the next 15 minutes. My clothes and gear are all ready to go, and if I can wake up and get out of the house I hope to miss some of the inevitable traffic heading up to Tahoe.

Why do I love snowboarding so darn much? To find out, click here. The link will take you to my little-known blog Ruth, the Snowboarder, where I post only occasionally, and only to amuse myself by writing about my very favorite hobby.


Michelle said...

Have fun! I've never been before and I'm not sure I'm coordinaterd enough to even try!

Cristina said...

How was Snowboarding? Can't wait to hear all about it. BTW we've had seven feet of snow in the past two weeks at Vail and Beaver Creek. I think I live in the mountains.

Maureen said...

OK, I tried to post this on Ruth, the wouldn't work for me, even with my AIM ID. So...
Well, I'd say Heavenly if you are going to South Shore, and maybe Squaw or Northstarr if you are going to North Shore.

Kirkwood is also good, but it's a bit further than Heavenly.

Did you get to go the other day? There probably wasn't a whole heck of a lot of snow yet, although it sounds like it's getting there.