Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #21: why I'm ditching my van

Thirteen Reasons I'm Getting Rid of My Van and Going Car-Free

1. I've always fantasized about living without a car, and now seems a great time to try it out. (I'm sure that while I've been driving along dreaming of a car-free life, someone else has been riding a bus, wishing they owned a car.)

2. My tags are about to expire.

3. The cost of doing everything that should be done to the van is probably higher than the car's value.

4. I hate spending money to insure and maintain a vehicle I hardly use and truly do not need.

5. There is a large shiny bus that drives around my town, nearly empty.

6. My kids think riding a bus is super cool.

7. Riding the train is even cooler.

8. Filling up my tank has become painful.

9. One less gas-guzzling, fume-emitting car on the road isn't much, but it's something.

10. It will force me to be more efficient with errands, which will ultimately save me time.

11. The kids and I can walk to most of the places we need to go during the week, and not having a car will force us to actually do it.

12. No more new tires, registration renewals, oil changes or mechanics with a list of "maintenance issues that should be addressed soon."

13. I'm donating my car, so it's a win-win.

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Nicholas said...

Well done!

Laughing Muse said...

Congratulations to you!!

I rarely drive, but I do have a car. I maintain it, pay insurance and all that jazzmo - so that when I need a car, I have one to use. However, I drive about once a week or less. It's awfully freeing. My stress levels dropped, I was walking more so felt more energetic, and didn't have the gasoline expense!

~Just Me~ said...

Great list! I'd die without my car.

Moondancer said...

All very good reason to ditch the gas guzzling wheel if you live someplace warm enough to walk or wait for a bus year round. We get pretty cold here, so I'd be very reluctant to give up the warm steel enclosure that's out main source of transportation.

Happy TT

Ruth said...

Exactly. When we moved to California, I strategically chose a place to live where we'd be able to walk and take the bus. When we were in Iowa, I would have been housebound most of the time if I'd tried this. Unless the weather is nice or you live in a big city with great public transportation (and I can only think of a few), it's pretty difficult, if not impossible to ditch the car.