Thursday, October 30, 2008

Now THAT'S scary

"Would you say the condition of the exterior is good, fair, or poor?"
"Hmmm...I'd say fair to poor. Probably more on the poor side, I guess."
(It was a very low brick wall, completely hidden from sight. Totally not my fault!)

"How about the interior? Good, fair or poor?"
"Er...I'm gonna have to say poor."

Keep in mind, these were taken AFTER I cleared out the trash and most of the crumbs...

Perhaps some of us don't actually deserve to have a car, anyway...

An excellent rule, which I've never managed to enforce, would be: "NO EATING IN THE CAR."
"No dogs in the car" might be a good one, as well. Especially heavy shedders.

Want to go for a ride? We can put a towel down on the seat...

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Jamminsoul said...

I thought you'd stolen my car for your photos here! I wasn't aware of the metamorphasis while it was happening. My car was new(new to me anyway),I think I said "perfect" one time; then, Wham! It was "just move that stuff over to get in, and don't worry about putting your feet on that stuff on the floor.

I went without a car for a while when I was living in Santa Cruz, CA. I loved it! I felt more relaxed. I had time to read and could breathe normally while in transit. I knew I had to start early to make the bus, and just did. I would usually be there early,and I would feel calm because I hadn't been dealing with traffic. If I was going to work, the bus would make a good start to the day!

With a car I always think I have more time so I do a "few more things" before I get ready. Once ready, there are a few more things I have to do that I forgot about. I rush getting into the car(after 1 or 2 more trips back to the house to get something I forget). Anxious I'm going to be late, I begin to breathe like I'm running, start tapping nervously on the steering wheel, and may even yell (only in my car with the windows up). Because when you're late it's the law of murphy (or somebody) that you will hit every red light, get behind someone who doesn't know that peddle on the floor makes the car move, have to take an alternate route because of construction, forget where the corner is you have to turn, forget you need gas.. well, you know! I am so frustrated when I get there (often late), that my day is pretty much already ruined.

I commend your move to "no car." I am looking forward to read about how it's going.

p.s. you are right. I haven't been getting my "blog fix" for a while. I am missing it terribly. I need more hours in a day.