Friday, December 18, 2009

What I REALLY want for Christmas

A Chef. Recently I read Oprah's interview with Ellen Degeneres in O Magazine. Ellen mentioned that she ate a vegan diet, conceding that it helps to have her own vegan chef. Yes, I definitely think I could be a successful vegan if I had a personal chef. For now, if I make eggs for the crew, I'm eatin' eggs. Only from free-range chickens fed a vegetarian diet, though. Did anyone else see "Food, Inc."?

A Maid. Think what I could accomplish if I not only had someone cooking all the meals, but also cleaning up the house? The only stipulation is that this maid-type person has to actually enjoy cleaning, or at least be able to fake it (think Alice from the Brady Bunch), and therefore not make me feel guilty as she walks around picking up the broken crayons, wiping up spills and cleaning around the base of the toilet for the third time in a day. Nah, it's no use. I would feel guilty. I feel like we ought to clean up after ourselves. I just happen to be terrible at it, and my kids are even worse. My compromise is to have a cleaning service come once a month, and I don't feel (too) guilty about that. It makes me pick up the entire house once a month. (Who ever knew you have to clean your house so that someone can come clean your house?) And each time it gives me a fresh start with a sparkling home, and I play this little game to see how long I can maintain the cleanliness. So far my record is four days.

Latte-a-Day Club Membership. I just made this one up, but wouldn't it be great? Yesterday my husband surprised me in the morning with a latte from my favorite coffee joint, Peet's. One day of this and I am spoiled. This morning I waited and waited, but he never showed up. I had to make a pot of tea all by myself.

Airline Tickets. Lots of 'em. California is nifty, but nearly all of my family and friends live halfway across the country, so road trips are kind of out of the question. So I have to get on a plane to go see anyone. I don't even like flying. In fact I hate it. But it's worth it every bring on the plane tickets!

World Peace. Sigh.

Shelter, Food, Clean Water and a (mostly) Healthy, (mostly) Happy Family. Oh, yeah, I have all this, and so much more. I suppose I can get along okay without a personal chef.


lucythevaliant said...

It is crazy how much cleaning I end up doing before the cleaning lady comes! My husband always wonders why I am paying someone to clean an already 'clean' house... but this is because dirt and grime are apparently invisible to him!

Cassie said...

I don't really mind the cooking but I wouldn't mind the maid at all. I promise to hide all feelings of guilt until she left.
The latte-a-day club sounds amazing. LOL