Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ruth, the Mom's Very Valuable Guide to Things You or Your Loved Ones Absolutely Must Have This Holiday Season


Why just make a boring old cake or cupcakes when you can create your own unique Big Top Cupcake. The Big Top Cupcake is fun for you and your whole family as it is 25 times bigger than normal size cupcake.
The removable insert creates a well for your favorite filling-pudding, ice cream, whipped cream, fresh fruit, mousse... the possibilities are delightfully endless!

Indeed, why have only a normal sized cupcake, when you can have 25 times the amount of calories, fat and sugar? And, if you make one big thing with the cake mix instead of 24 cupcakes, isn't that just called a "cake"? And if our kids think regular old cakes and cupcakes are "boring," then maybe we're having sweets a wee bit too often?


Cassie said...

I've seen this before on t.v. What I can't explain is why my 23 year old sister wants one........

Torrie said...

holy crap that looks disgusting