Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why children are handy to have around

Here is what my kitchen looks like today:

This morning while I was trying to throw something together for breakfast in the midst of the mess, my 3-year-old daughter looked outside and noticed the wildflowers blooming in their pots.

"Flower! Daddy, I want a flower!"

My husband went out and picked a small sprig of Queen Anne's Lace. My daughter grabbed a vase off the shelf and brought it over. I plopped the flowers in and filled it with water.

"Now put it up there!" she shouted excitedly, pointing at the windowsill. I did.

"There," she sighed contentedly. "Now our house is booful."

Just like that, the whole house is transformed.


Christelyn D. Karazin said...

So cute. Boo-ful. Love the picture--you made dirty dishes look good.

Meaghan said...

Just like that, your whole world is transformed. Boo-ful, indeed.