Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Mama's solution for world peace

I've often wondered why my children sometimes wake up on the same team, and other days are inexplicably at odds with each other. What is it that makes the determination between teamwork and cutthroat competition?

When I think more about it, the same thing can happen between spouses, roommates, and parents and children. My only answer is this: when we feel good we seem more inclined to work together. When one or more of us feels crappy, we are more likely to fight.

So here's what I propose: How about we give everyone on earth a comfortable place to get a good night's sleep, enforce an 11:00 bedtime, provide plenty of healthy food and ban the junk, ensure that everyone has a chance for moderate daily exercise, and make health and medical services available to all people on earth.

I think everyone would get along much better.

Unfortunately, this is a simple solution, not an easy one. And since I can't seem to get myself to bed before 11 most nights, not likely to ever happen.

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