Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm in my head, and I'm not coming out till I reach 50,000

Word count after 19 days: 33,322

Signs that you might be a little too absorbed in your fiction writing:
  • You think about your characters and plot during most of your waking hours
  • You stay up too late writing, then lie in bed thinking about it
  • After you finally fall asleep, you dream about it
  • You have a crush on one of your characters
  • Occasionally you have to remind yourself that the story is not real
I have already decided to designate December as "Be Here Now" month, to make up for this crazy November.


Torrie said...

here's one more... actually shed real tears when one of your characters has to die.

Carrie @ Who Knew? said...

Ok, you might be a bit of a freak, but only cow you've almost written a freaking book. That's amazing and awesome. I'm rooting for you!

Ruth said...

Oh, yep, Torrie, done that. About death, and also romantic turmoil. Once or twice I almost started crying while working on it at a coffee shop.

Thanks for the encouragement, Carrie! (I'll try to just ignore the fact that you called me a freak.)