Sunday, November 22, 2009


(Word Count after 22 days: 40,977)

Dear Mom: Sometimes my characters cuss. Sometimes even the "F" word. I know, it's a shame. Also, they engage in premarital sex. I'm sorry. It's not my fault. It's just what people do.

Dear Friends: No, none of these people are supposed to be you. They are all people I made up in my head. If they have a characteristic similar to yours, I apologize. There are only so many characteristics to choose from.

Dear Husband: No, the ex-husband in the story is not you. No, not the new boyfriend, either. The female protagonist is not me. They are ALL just pretend people that I made up in my head. That's what fiction is, it's just pretend.

Dear Son: No, you may not read Mommy's story. It's just for grownups.


lucythevaliant said...

When you publish your novel, I fully expect to see this disclaimer on the inside cover!

Cassie said... this also on the list of things to write about the novel to encourage high demand?

Meaghan said...

I always have a crush on at least one character. That's how you know it's honest.

Keep up the good writing, Superwoman.

Torrie said...

I SOOO understand this!! My novel is full of illegal drugs and crazy sexual encounters. I am mortified of what my family will think about it. I love the idea of a disclaimer: NO, I DO NOT RELATE TO ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS IN ANY WAY. It's just a work of fiction so don't disown me, please.