Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our microscopic enemies

Germs. However harmful, they seem like simple, innocent beings. Microscopic and brainless, they only cause harm inadvertently in their own quest for survival. Right?

Wrong. I now believe that germs are more advanced than we realize. They seem to have biologically adapted to go beyond making us miserable and sometimes dangerously ill. Recently I have noticed that sometimes our entire family will come down with a bug that, along with all the usual cold and flu symptoms, makes us downright mean.

Now, when we are mean, are we mean to the germs? Of course not, we are mean to other human beings. That's why I think the germs are smarter than we realize. They are trying to wear us down both physically and mentally, damaging those essential bonds of love and support that holds family and friends together.

Miraculously, although our entire family is sick, so far I have been able to hold it together while my 6-year-old son was possessed by the demon germs. He hates me. I am stupid. He is going to kick me in the face. If he cannot kick that high then he will punch me in the face. He hopes I die.

Seriously. This is not my sweet, sensitive firstborn talking here. This is why I think the germs are much, much more advanced and powerful than we know.

I just hope that we will survive long enough for scientists to figure out how to defeat them on the psychological level.

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Angela said...

oh bummer!! just saw this...
hope you are all feeling much better by now!!