Friday, August 14, 2009

Are you ready for potty training?

There are all sorts of checklists available to determine your child's readiness to begin potty training. But whether your kid is wildly enthusiastic about the toilet at age 2, or still not passing the "Is Your Child Ready?" quiz at age 4, the true question is whether the parents are ready.

If you are not sure if you are prepared for this milestone, take this quiz to find out:

1. Have you received a "Most Valuable Customer" certificate from Huggies?

2. Do you either (a) hate all of your current furniture, or (b) own several plastic tarps?

3. Are you stocked up on M&Ms, stickers, or whatever incentive might motivate your child?

4. Do you secretly kind of like it when the faint smell of urine permeates your home?

5. Would you consider your bathroom to be a pleasant environment for reading and rereading your child's favorite book?

6. Are you the kind of person who likes a good challenge? Such as the challenge of getting poopy underwear off a toddler without smearing it all over their legs? And resisting the urge to throw the underwear in the trash? And cleaning up the mess without spreading germs everywhere? And doing all of this without yelling?


If you answered "yes" to ANY of these questions, congratulations! You're ready to begin potty-training.

If not, then go buy some M&Ms. You might as well give it a shot anyway.


curlyjo said...

he he! We are in the middle of this right now; I am happy to report that I successfully removed poopy panties from a squirly 2 year old just this morning (success is, of course, a relative term). I happily tossed icky undergarmets into the trash though. 4 kids into this potty training business and I figure the price of panties is small when compared to what my husband would have to pay to have me committed to the nut-house.

Cassie said...

I have to admit I also threw away more than one pair of pooppy underwear and just barely resisted the urge to use the garden hose on my bathroom. The worst though is when my three year old, after supposedly being trained had an accident and then proceeded to "clean" the mess up. Half a roll of toilet paired, one clogged bowl and a shower for the both of us and we continued on our day.