Thursday, May 14, 2009

You've got to be PBKidding me

As I've mentioned before, I love to browse through the Pottery Barn Kids catalogs that arrive at my house on almost a weekly basis.

More than just a source of inspiration and escapism from my messy house, it can also crack me up.

In my mailbox last week came one called "Splash into Summer with affordable [hah!] summer essentials [hah again!]"

They've added a new feature called "mom to mom" with little tips, quotes and Q&As. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Q: What are easy, affordable ways to make the summer special for my kids?
A: Keep it simple by focusing on the essentials: fun beach towels, colorful new sheeting and a cool backpack for camp." (Good point--as we all know, nothing makes for a more meaningful and memorable childhood than colorful sheets. It'll be a summer they'll never forget.)

"Q: I want to do something creative with an unused part of my attic. Any ideas?
A: When space is at a premium, the key is to make every inch count. Create a clean slate by painting the walls white. Zone the play area with a soft rug, add an activity table, choose whimsical lighting, and organize toys with smart storage." (And presto, your unused attic space now looks way cooler than most people's living room):

"When my son saw his new boat-shaped bed, he forgot all about his crib." (That's right, for the very affordable price of only $1,599, your child can avoid all the trauma associated with making the switch from crib to big-boy bed. Of course, all the matching furniture, accessories and shipping cost extra. But isn't it totally worth it to avoid a few nights of crying? Or, God forbid, just leaving him in the crib until he is good and ready to move out?)

"The easiest playdate I ever hosted was an afternoon tea party. We served mini sandwiches and invited everybody to bring a favorite doll." (Um, I think some people might be working a little too hard at this. The easiest playdate I ever hosted was when I asked somebody to come over, and our kids played together.)


Angela said...

ahhhhhhhhh!!! you are so right!
i thought the same things (only not as cleverly) as i read through it from my white throne! ;)
still...gotta love pbk for the ideas!

Jennifer Fink said...

I get seduced every time I get that catalog! Thanks for bringin me back to the real world.