Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three little fishies

Hanging out at the pool as a family used to mean the three kids clinging to the two of us while we just sort of bobbed around in the water. It got old pretty quick.

Now, however, we go to the pool and our kids swim. I mean they really swim, under the water, all by themselves. When they need a breath, they flip over onto their backs, and float. They will do this over, and over, and over again, and they have the time of their life.

Larry and Moe will take turns going for "dolphin rides" on their daddy's back, diving under the water. Curly will swim to the steps, then stand up, fearlessly jump back in the water and swim back to me. (If you're new here, Larry, Moe and Curly are NOT my children's real names, although if I would have known ahead of time that we'd have two boys and a girl, I might have considered it.)

It brings great joy to my paranoid mommy's heart to know that if any of my kids ever fell into the water, they would be completely confident and know what to do. This is entirely thanks to Infant Swimming Resource. You can read more about ISR here. I simply cannot recommend this program enough.

We first took lessons in Colorado and now here in California. Both times we were not just impressed, but amazed by how the instructors' kind but firm methods transformed our terrified, screaming kids who absolutely DID NOT WANT TO GET IN THE WATER into cheerful, confident swimmers who never want to get out.

I used to have nightmares about my children drowning, and indeed, it is a very real danger. Parents need to be vigilant in keeping their kids safe. But any child could potentially wander off, and it only takes a moment for something to happen. I'm not going to be any less vigilant, but there is an additional peace of mind that comes with knowing my children are equipped with the skills they need to survive until help arrives.

Besides, now we can have a good time at the pool! My kids think swimming is fun, and it's fun for me to take them swimming. Whether they want to become an Olympian or just play around in the pool, they'll be safe and confident in the water.

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