Monday, April 27, 2009

The Smoothie Girls

I've heard people say that their kids will eat anything so long as it is in the form of a smoothie. Me, I can't even get my boys to eat a chocolate milkshake if I try to sneak half a banana in it. So I was overjoyed when my daughter wanted to try some "purple juice" the other day.

For lunch most days, I've been throwing together some ice, apple or orange juice, a banana, and whatever berries we have on hand and whipping up a delicious and nutritious smoothie. The kids' reaction has always been a great big "NO THANK YOU."

Finally, though, my little girl decided to give it a try. Not surprisingly, she loved it. The boys still refused to taste it. "No, I don't want any," said my 4-year-old. "That's just for girls!"

Well, whatever. Now when I make my "purple juice" and "red juice" I toss in a little extra to fill my daughter's plastic cup.

Then we toast: "Smoothie Girl power!" we announce. "Cheers!"

Having a daughter is kinda fun. Especially one who shares my love of blended fruit.

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