Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reading rocks

Perhaps the one thing I love most in the entire world is this scenario: I notice that my kids have all fallen silent, and when I peek around the corner to see what mischief they're into, I find them all engrossed in books.

Although I'm fighting an ongoing battle against clutter and the accumulation of "stuff" that threatens to overtake my home, books tend to escape my wrath. There are many reasons for this, including their compact size, their educational value, and the fact that I can scarcely walk past a Barnes & Noble without purchasing at least one item.

When I have too much stuff, and nowhere to put it all, my response is: Get rid of some stuff!

When I have too many books and nowhere to put them all, my response is: More bookshelves!

So, I guess my kids will just have to come to terms with growing up surrounded by an ever-expanding library. At the rate we're going, by the time they have graduated from high school, every wall in the house will be covered with shelves.

Lucky for me, they truly love books. For the next three days, I'll showcase a few of their favorites.

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Firefly mom said...

Yep, hubby used to *hate* it when we moved because half of the U-Haul was boxes of books. Which was made worse by the fact that his company moved us every year or two ;)