Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eventually I could wind up like Kramer and spend my entire day in the shower

Weekday morning showers are the stuff of dreams for many new mothers. This was certainly true for me until about a year ago, when I started doing whatever it took to satisfy my new daily shower habit.

After a while, though, I overcame my addiction to showering, and sometimes missed a day, or even two.

But then, the craziest thing happened here at our house. My kids started waking up in the morning and not immediately and incessantly needing me. I actually found that I could work in a shower on all but the busiest mornings. Now, it's become almost automatic: I take a quick shower first thing, just to help me wake up and feel ready to start the day.

After the morning shower became routine, though, once a day just wasn't enough anymore. I had to up the stakes. When I read an article that recommended a warm shower right before bed, I knew I had to try it.

Sure enough, a quick hot shower right before tucking into cool sheets has really helped me fall asleep more quickly.

So, now I'm taking not just one, but two showers each day. One helps me wake up, and the other enables me to fall asleep.

Aside from some dry skin, my habit has presented no negative effects. However, I'm a little worried that sooner or later, two showers won't be enough to satisfy. What happens when I start sneaking upstairs at noon for a little pick-me-up?


Angela said...

what happened to ruth,theenvironmentallyfriendly mom? ;)
i save the environment by only showering once a week. HA! No, twice now that i am swimming at the rec center...i shower there and use THEIR water. of course, maegan takes 2 BATHS a day. sigh. I did buy a big rubbermaid tub, though, and she takes her baths in those, so I don't have to fill the ;)
dry skin? o friend. one word. vanicream. check it out!

mr. busy said...

I can't come home every afternoon so you can sneak upstairs to satisfy your afternoon pick me up. . .I'm sorry, baby. You'll just have to take a cold shower.