Thursday, January 1, 2009

What to Expect from Ruth, the Mom in 2009

  • More book reviews. I read a lot, and love to share what I've read. I'll be including a variety of books that I think might be of interest to my readers.
  • More product reviews. When I find something I love, I want to share it with the world--or at least the tiny segment of the population that reads my blog. Other times, I buy something I think is going to be great, and instead I am greatly disappointed. I want to share that, too.
  • Answers to ALL of your questions! More about this on Monday.
See you then! Have a great weekend.


Firefly mom said...

Are you much of a non-fiction reader? I haven't been able to read many fiction books since having my son (13 years ago). Don't know why exactly - they just don't hold my attention anymore.

Ruth said...

I mostly read non-fiction. Occasionally I get on a novel or short story kick. Even when I'm in the mood for a good story, I think true stories are usually the most interesting.