Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time to do your V.I.T.

You know that Very Important Task that seems just a little too overwhelming and time-consuming to tackle, but you always convince yourself you will get to it pretty soon, because after all, it is Very Important?

It sits on the to-do list for weeks, months, sometimes even years, yet it never seems to get done because it never seems "urgent."

Until it is urgent.

My Very Important Task was to copy files--including lots of photos--from our old computer onto CDs.

Well, these past few days the old computer has been acting really goofy, so I decided the time had come. I finally sat myself down to complete my Very Important Task.

I was wrong, though. The time had not come. The time had passed. The computer froze up again and again. Now I'll have to find someone to fix it, or at least get those files saved for me. I doubt this will be cheap.

The lesson here, of course, is:

Don't delay! Take your Very Important Task off your to-do list and get it done!

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