Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Shopping Tip #3: Give 'em an animal. Not a real one.

What do you get for the person who has everything?

How about a goat, a water buffalo, or a flock of chickens?

Check out Heifer International's site, where you can "choose a meaningful gift to give a loved one and help children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant."

It's the no-maintenance pet that keeps on giving!

On the other hand, real, live pets should NEVER EVER be given as gifts, unless the recipient has specifically stated that they want that specific pet, and has made the appropriate preparations.

This goes without saying, right? Surely everyone knows that you don't just go out and buy someone a live animal as a gift. Right?

Is it some sort of "Lady and the Tramp" syndrome that makes people go out and purchase a Christmas puppy for their loved ones? Then a few months later, when the puppy starts growing and inconveniently requires daily care and maintenance, the poor thing ends up neglected or dropped off at the local shelter.

And let us not forget my own ill-advised decision to buy my friend Nikki a parakeet in high school. She had this little fake bird that she carried around in her car, so another friend and I decided she needed a real bird. WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

I'm surprised Nikki's mom ever forgave me for that. Come to think of it, maybe she didn't.


Meaghan said...

I bought my high school sweetheart and myself matching newts before we left for college. No, I'm not kidding. Mine died the day after I got to school and I had to flush it. Not sure if the BF's made it or not because the BF and I didn't make it to fall break.

Love the Heifer International plug.

Angela said...

yay for heifer int!! we gave chicks to family last year!! this year we are giving water for christmas (see my blog for details!) ;)