Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #23: Hawaiian vacation

I take off Friday morning for Honolulu, where I will spend 48 hours doing WHATEVER I WANT in a tropical paradise. When I tell people I am going to Hawaii by myself, some of them don't get it. The mamas with small children generally get it.

Sure, I'd love to visit Hawaii with my husband someday soon. But this trip was actually his idea, since he gets to go to Honolulu fairly often for work (he actually does work most of the time he's there, although he usually manages to squeeze in a little surfing) and he thought I might enjoy a break while HE stays home with the kids.

He thought right.

Thirteen Things I'm Gonna Do in Hawaii

1. Stay in a hotel room with no children and no goldfish crackers

2. Take a surfing lesson

3. Walk on the beach

4. Lie on the beach

5. Read on the beach

6. Write on the beach

7. Eat on the beach

8. Listen to MY music, with headphones

9. Not change diapers

10. Not prepare any meals

11. Eat slowly and without interruption


And finally...

13. I'm gonna get "lei'd"! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist)

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Nicholas said...

Have a wonderful time! And please take some photos to share with us.

Ruth said...

Good idea, Nicholas, I will!

FickleMinded said...

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your ME time, ALONE!!!I understand and I totally envy you because I have two boys myself.
My Thursday Thirteen

On a limb with Claudia said...

Good for you for doing this. This trip is the very best thing you can do for your family!

Enjoy it!

bernieg1 said...

Have a great time, and as for number 13, you may never make it out of the room to enjoy the other 12!

My TT is up 13 Things to Consider before Hiring

Jen said...

Is this your first time away with the kids? We are going a trip at the end of next month. I am scared to death! Enjoy yourself! Take time to actually taste your meal!

Journeywoman said...

HAve a great time. I went Parasailing in Hawaii, and I loved it...just a suggestion.

Alice Audrey said...

Don't forget to visit a volcano. That's not something you can do just anywhere.

Meaghan said...

This post makes me feel like Jan to your Marsha: JEALOUS!

Have fun, Mama!

P.S. Your husband kind of rocks for having to stay home alone for several days with the little ones.

PQNation said...

I am so jealous!! Have an awesome time!

~Just Me~ said...

Wow....sounds like a good time to me. :( I wanna go!

jayedee said...

i soooooooo totally get it! and i'm soooooo totally envious! you go girl! do it for all of us!

happy tt!

Cheryl said...

Lucky! So Jealous! Have a Great Time!!

Marina said...

Wow... Hawaii...

Guess I'll have to settle for Calgon.
No, wait, the only bathtub we have is the $6 one from ikea that my 3-year-old has nearly outgrown.

Hope you have a wonderful time

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