Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14: countries to visit, someday

Thirteen Countries I'd Like to Visit With My Children
When They Are Older and Better Suited to Travel

(Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list)

1. Bulgaria

2. Romania

3. China

4. Australia

5. New Zealand

6. Mexico

7. Canada

8. Malawi

9. Russia

10. Bolivia

11. Austria

12. Jamaica

13. Dominica

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Laura said...

I would love to take my kids to Austria - my dads family are all there!!

Nice TT list!

Mine is up

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

Romania sounds romantic. Great T-13.

Brenda ND said...

I just got back from a trip to India and I did take my children. They did great. Traveling with your kids can happen!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi! Happy Thursday!!

You have a great ambition for travel. Love the countries you've chosen.

Thanks for the visit.

Torrie said...

Glad to see Bulgaria is still number one. How many more years til we move there? about 8 or so?

Nicole Austin said...

Have fun in your travels. I plan on going when my kids are out of the house to avoid empty nest syndrome.

JO said...

Make sure you visit the Rocky Mountains when you visit Canada... the view are awesome and breathtaking.

Here's my entry --

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I've been to Dominica twice. Great addition to your list.

Nicholas said...

I have only been to one (Canada) but I'd love to go to the others.

Anonymous said...

Bulgaria is very beautiful, but very sad. There is a lot of poverty. The people are very kind and there are some breathtaking views.

Ruth said...

I agree about Bulgaria. It is my favorite country I have ever visited, and I am definitely going back someday.
The people there treated us with such kindness, and the culture was very unique.