Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pantry raid

Is there any way to make the top shelf of the pantry larger? 

The top shelf of our pantry is home to all sorts of goodies: sharp objects, breakable items, dishwashing detergent, alcoholic beverages, bags of chips and my personal chocolate stash. 

In short, the top shelf of the pantry is where we keep all the stuff we don't want the kids to get. 

They have figured out how to slide a chair over to the pantry where they can reach all but the very top shelf. My oldest son helps himself to snacks and sneaks gum when he thinks I'm not looking. My daughter can spend hours in there, peeling labels off cans and pretending to feed her baby dolls with bottles of barbeque sauce.  

It's a nice big pantry, with enough space for all of our food and room to spare. It is probably the best pantry I've ever had. 

My only complaint is, I need more room on that top shelf.


Meaghan said...

Maybe you could start tying your truffles and pinot noir in mesh bags and hanging them from the ceiling.

Ruth said...

Meaghan, You always have such helpful suggestions. Where do you come up with this stuff?

Cristina said...

Your question about spirituality is a good one? We aren't defining it, instead letting each person define it. But we are talking about spirituality as a movement, and as a connection to a higher power (maybe), or as a connection to your own internal voice of reason. Does that help?

Angela said...

Hey. Is THAT where I should've put the gummy vitamins so i didn't have to call poison control this morning? Huh. I learn something new from you all the time!