Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Three: signs of mommy burnout

Three signs you might be experiencing Mommy Burnout

1. Every time you take a dirty diaper out to the garage, you linger just a little bit longer, because it's just so peaceful there...

2. You wonder how many bad parenting days you can have in a row before you officially become a "bad parent."

3. You are too tired to think of thirteen anything, so you just post a Thursday Three.


Angela said...

to steal a line from a friend:
even on your worst days...your better than an orphanage! :)

Ruth said...

I like it. Think I'll add that to my repertoire. Right after, "Quit complaining about the way your eggs are cooked! Some kids don't even have food to eat!" I'll say, "You should be grateful you don't live in an orphanage!"