Wednesday, August 6, 2008

But the question remains...

...what will fill this very large space in our living room?


Any ideas?


Greta said...

Not that you need something else to take care of...but what about an aquarium? :)

Angela said...

cheerios, used chewing gum, crayola art, sippy cups, dirty clothes, childrens books...

Angela said...

shelves that hold baskets or clear boxes full of stuff:
art supplies
dress up stuff

You can buy cheap shelves that are narrow (made for shoes) at Lowes or home depot. they're stackable, too...

i'll keep thinkin'...

oh!! i just saw someone turn thier fire place into a chalkboard.... it was cute. i don't know how they did it, though... Wanna gigantic chalkboard there?

How about a curtain to hide junk?

or... some tall plants in the back, with short ones in front?

black and white pics of your kids in frames of various sizes? you could attach them to plywood painted black and then prop it up there?

i'll keep thinking...

Angela said...

here are some ideas!

and...did you notice the black and white photos of the kids!? i wrote that B4 i saw this photo... how cool am i? jk..

Ruth said...

Wow, a bunch of great ideas.
The aquarium definitely wins for most awesome idea, but for the reason you cite, as well as the expense and our propensity for breaking glass, probably not practical.
Sippy cups and childrens books, probably the most likely.
Plants, I like a lot. I was trying to think of something that would fill the space, vertically. I might do shelves for stereo components, my turntable and CD player, on one side, then some plants.
We will see. I will be sure to include an update.
Thanks for all the suggestions!