Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13: chores

This is my most embarrassing post ever, and it will soon have you wondering why I spend my free time writing and reading when I so obviously ought to be creating a livable environment in my new home.

But, here it is, complete with photos, so that you can see what I am up against. Hopefully it will provide the added benefit of making you feel better about any undone chores of your own.

Thirteen Chores That Need Be Done At My House

1. Clean off that darn dining room table

2. Clean off the kitchen table

3. Organize the built-in shelves

4. Take out the recycling

5. Do dishes

6. Do laundry

7. Put away clean laundry

8. Organize laundry room

9. Water grass

10. Trim small patch of grass that is green

11. Organize children's books

12. Get rid of ubiquitous wire hangers

13. Organize shoes

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SandyCarlson said...

Nevertheless, there's no place like home! You are not alone!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! You sure have your work cut out for you. Good luck with all the cleaning. Happy TT!

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

Sandy's right, there's no place like home.

My chores are piled up too. Still finding the energy to do them! A mom's housework never ends...

Happy cleaning to you.

Emma Sanders said...

Oh that's hilarious. Why is the kitchen or dining room table where all the mail and other assorted junk ends up? I have 2 tables now, so I have twice as much junk that will more than likely be thrown out than put away!

Nina Pierce said...

OMG! You make me feel so much better, Ruth. I thought it was only me. Dishes are done, but dining room table and laundry ... umm ... looks the same. ;)

Come on over and visit me. It'll post at midnight EDT.

bernieg1 said...

Oh well there is a lot to be said about being unorganized, but who cares - there is no place like HOME!

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marcia@joyismygoal said...

AWWWHhh I feel for you I do--1 step at a time:)

Meaghan said...

Yeah. Good luck with that.

Meju said...

I did'nt see a mess!:wink: Can you send me those extra hangers? Happy tt.

savvyprchick said...

You're right... I don't feel so bad because I now know someone else's house looks JUST LIKE mine. So don't feel bad about yourself, either.

Happy TT!

Lani ~ The Wooden Porch said...

You had me at #9!!!!! You are a hoot! Have fun cleanin' up today. :-) My house looks something like that too. Misery loves company, eh?

Lori said...

With 7 children, my house can look like that in 3.5 seconds. Unfortunately, I go completely insane when faced with too much clutter or mess. It's not always a good combo!

JennyKat said...

lol.. can I save your post?? I'm just glad to realize I'm not the only one with a to-do list that gets put off because of writing! I figure as long as the health department doesn't shut me down, I'm doing okay.

I have a plaque in my house that says "A clean house is a sign of a misspent life"

Kristi said...

I did a T13 about messes in my house a few weeks ago. I thought I was the only one brave (or stupid) enough to do it. Good for you and I hope you have better luck getting control of them than I have.

Ruth said...

Thanks to all for visiting, and for commiserating!

I'll leave the hangers on the front step, you want to stop by and pick them up? :-)

I love your plaque, and I think I need to get one for my home (but I still want the clean house!)

Ladykli said...

There always something that needs to be done, speaking of which I need to go .........

Debbie said...

Okay, well if nothing else you made me feel better about my to-so list! :)

emeraldcityguy said...

When you're done come over to my place, I've got plenty for you to do. Happy TT!

Jenn said...

Ha ha ha... looks a like our house.

missdjm said...

If I choose the same theme we would be exactly the same. lol. I feel your pain and you aren't alone. :)

I'll clean your house if you clean mine? jk.

Well Happy TT and have a great weekend.

Brianna Heldt said...

hi ruth, i found your blog off of angela dormish's blog.

and can i just say, this post ROCKED! i've been sick and, well...yeah. my house looks similar. i feel so much better knowing i'm not alone!!!