Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fabulous Friday: celebrating my 100th post

My 100th post comes just in time for the holiday weekend, so I decided to celebrate this milestone, along with the late-night completion of five and a half of my chores (the half because, after all, is the laundry ever actually done?) with an early post, a relaxing evening, and a glass (or two) of the very tasty Castle Rock 2006 Mendocino County Pinot Noir, which won Best of Show at the California State Fair this year.

I'll be back on Monday, when I will be writing about--what else?--labor.


KayakGirl said...

Hi Ruth!! I'm totally enjoying your blog. I'm Becky, Angela's friend from Springfield. I have 2 vivid memories of spending time with you - once eating at the CX at Drury, and once at your house on Sherman Ave. I'll be an avid reader of your blog now that I've found it. You are hilarious! :)

Ruth said...

Hey Becky! Great to hear from you. Aren't you just so excited for Angela?
Do you blog much? If so I would love to read, if you want to invite!

Meaghan said...

Hey Ruth! Cheers on your 100th post! How fabulous. Hope those two glasses tasted great. You earned 'em, Mama!