Sunday, July 6, 2008

More mystery objects

While cleaning out the storage room in preparation for moving, I ran across more mystery objects.

Obviously the one in the middle is a wrench for an adjustment rod. However, I wasn't even aware I had an adjustment rod. What does it adjust, and how do I know when to use the wrench?

What should I do with my mystery objects? Do I pack them? Because you know that the day after Waste Management comes by and carts these away, I will figure out where they belonged.


Meaghan said...

I used to hang on to my mystery objects, in a box or a drawer or whatever. Until one day, I threw caution--and mystery objects--to the wind!

I have never looked back. And so far I have found myself lacking neither wrench nor adjustment rod.

Anonymous said...

Don't throw away that adjustment rod. An adjustment rod is used on pipe fittings (that's plumbing terminology for you beginners). Plumbing is one thing I do know about around the house thanks to my grandpa. The wrench tightens and loosens the adjustment rod to tighten and loosen pipe fittings. That will be $95 for a service call.

Angela said...

toss it. toss it ALL.
can you tell i'm "simplify"-ing?

Ruth said...

Okay, I've come to a compromise. If I can't figure out what they are for within the next week, into the trash they go! (Except, of course, the wrench--we'll hang onto that, honey. And, never use it.)
I'm racking my brain though. It's become an excruciating mental exercise. I've seen these items before, but what were they for? Like trying to remember the name of the kid who sat next to you in third grade. It really doesn't matter..but it's killing you!