Friday, June 27, 2008

Yet another attempt at reader participation

Here's the scenario:

You are cleaning out the garage and come across a lamp you've never seen before. It is very dusty and you are procrastinating whatever you came out to do in the garage, so you grab a rag and start rubbing off the dust.

POOF! There is a big cloud of smoke and a genie appears.

"Thanks for releasing me," he says. "Now I think you know the drill."

"I get three wishes!" You reply. "Great, now let's see, I'll take a..."

"Not so fast," the genie interrupts. "There are a few guidelines."

"Guidelines?" you ask. "What kind of genie are you anyway?"

(If this is starting to sound a little bit like Disney's Aladdin, I apologize. I'm not really a fiction writer.)

The genie replies, "It's like this. You answer these three questions and however you respond, those wishes will be granted. So, here goes:

1. What is one thing you wish you had more of?

2. What is one thing you wish you had less of?

3. What is something in your life you wish would stay the same forever?"

So, tell me! How would you answer the questions?
Just click on "comments" below to leave your response. If you're feeling shy you can always post anonymously!


Meaghan said...

1) Currently, sleep. Not a whole lot more, say an hour or two more a day. That's kind of a lame wish.

2) My waistline.

3) This is the hardest one! I'm tempted to say I'd keep my little girl exactly as she is forever, but that's probably not altogether true. (It would be nice for her to learn to use the potty someday.) I guess it would be nice not to get any older, especially if I could be granted my #2.

Cristina said...

1) more love

2) less stress

3) I think change is good, so I embrace the fact that things do change, well maybe no wrinkles!:)

Anonymous said...

1. money (Typical guy, huh?)

2. dogs (Is that mean?)

3. my running shoes (I hope they don't cut the style that I love. I hate when they do that.)