Monday, June 30, 2008

Ruth Truth #4: a good swimsuit is hard to find

Spent the weekend at a water park with the kids. This was really a case of going along to get along, because, to me, water parks are just a place to feel self-conscious while at the same time fearing for the safety of my children.

Luckily, it turned out to be a pretty good time. Although the hyper-vigilance factor was exhausting at times, the self-consciousness factor was kept at bay by my new swimsuit.

Inexplicably (my husband insists I did this on purpose because I wanted a new swimsuit, which is absolutely not true), I managed to pack everyone else’s swimsuit yet forget my own. This was, of course, a bit of a problem since our entire weekend was centered around playing in water. So, I had no choice but to run out to Target and hope for the best. Target really came through for me, with a full-coverage “tankini” top and “skirtini” bottom. Black, of course. I always end up choosing black.

People play tennis while wearing less clothing, and it’s not what I would wear on a tropical vacation with my husband. But, how many tropical vacations have I taken with my husband? (Answer: none.) At a water park, what a mama needs is something cute that she can actually move around in. She needs to be able to bend over, pick up a child, throw a ball, sit down in a shallow pool and not fear that she is going to reveal more than she would like the average onlooker to see.

So, three cheers for Target and their Merona $17.99 swim separates!


Meaghan said...

If I didn't think I'd pass out from overheating, I'd probably wear a burkini to the beach.

Angela at mommy bytes said...

I love not having to worry about putting something on top while I walk outside of the water area, like driving in the car, or in a hotel lobby. Thanks for visiting and your link worked perfectly!