Thursday, June 5, 2008

Funny Friday: not so funny if you are the azaleas

I felt compelled to call my husband at work to tell him the bad news.

“I think I killed my azaleas,” I said.

“Yeah, I kind of noticed that a while ago,” he replied.

“Don’t get me any more gifts that I have to keep alive, okay? It just makes me feel bad.”

“The idea, of course,” he said, “was to make you feel happy.”

“Well, they did make me feel happy...for a few days,” I said. “Up until I forgot to water them. Now I am wracked with guilt.”

“I promise I won’t do it again,” he said.


Torrie said...

It seems that plants are not your forte. I totally understand. Remember how you are with plants has no bearing on your parenting skills. At least I haven't seen any correlation.

Anonymous said...

I have. . .
Just kidding, honey. I love you.

Angela said...

bwah haha!
i keep asking dh to get me fake flowers instead... that way i won't have to feel sad when i throw them in the trash. so far, the suggestion hasn't worked...