Tuesday, January 22, 2008

okay I thought of something

Welcome, and thanks for checking out my blog. Whether you’re a friend, acquaintance, friend of a friend, complete stranger, or a family member just checking in to see what I’m up to, I hope you’ll find something to enjoy.

On your visits to this site I hope you will laugh, because we could all use a laugh. If you’re a mom I hope you will connect with other moms, because we all benefit from a greater sense of community. And finally, I hope you’ll discover a book, organization, or idea that you didn’t know about before.

Here’s what to expect on Ruth, the Mom:

Baby Nuthouse: each Wednesday I’ll post a column about life with small children. (In case you’re curious, at the very bottom of this page you’ll find an explanation of the name.)

Humor Every Weekday: Check back often for Ruth Truths, Random Ruth, TV Tuesdays, Thursday Thirteen, and Funny Fridays.

Book Reviews: Once in a while I will review a book related to our lives as moms. There are a lot of them out there, and I always seem to be in the middle of one. If you’ve read a book I review on this blog, please leave a comment with your own opinions so other moms can benefit from multiple perspectives!

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Adoption Resources and Parenting Resources: These are lists of links, and a place where I could really use your help. If you’ve found a Web site to be useful, please let me know so I can expand the lists.

Make a Difference: It’s nice that I can sit here playing around with the fonts and colors on my blog. Some women just don’t have the time; they are too busy carrying water to their village all day, then hoping the water doesn’t make their children sick. I’m including a few of my favorite charitable organizations that are working to bring change to the lives of women and children worldwide. If you know of others, please share.

Reader Participation: Get involved with opportunities to share your own stories, and feel free to leave lots of comments!

Feedback: This site’s effectiveness as a forum depends on feedback from you—yes, YOU—so please post your comments, get involved in discussions, tell me what you’d like to see more of, and share your favorite parenting resources and your own experiences. You can contact me at ruththeperson[at]yahoo[dot]com


Angela said...

awesome. so glad you have joined blogdom. a fav of mine right now is AHOPE. An orphanage for children in Ethiopia with HIV. You can find the link on my blog.
like how i got a plug for my blog in? ;)
love love love you.
can't wait to read the book you recommended... hope the library in m'field has it!
huggy hug hug

Angela said...

love your fun colors by the way. yummy. reminds me of that great kitchen color you have in colorado! ;)