Sunday, December 26, 2010

Game time

Our family received six games for Christmas: Jenga, Lego Race 3000, Hedbanz, Square Up, Fowl Play, and Rat a Tat Cat. These all sound incredibly fun, but we didn't play a single one on Christmas day.

That's because my kids were too busy making up their own games. Here are a few favorites:

Speed Greed
Object: After all presents have been opened, be the first kid to look at a brochure that came with one of the toys and say, "I wish I had that."

Lego Challenge
Object: Open the Lego Fire Boat package and dump all the contents out onto the floor in high-traffic areas. Put together ten pieces, then wander off to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy. See how long it takes Mom to assemble the Fire Boat with several vital pieces missing. Bonus: Hide the instructions under the couch.

What Floor?
Object: Using wrapping paper, boxes, ribbons, product packaging, new clothing, toys, and Play-Doh, cover every square inch of the living room floor. Bonus: Drop the Fire Boat in the middle of it all and watch to see if Mom's head explodes.

Sibling Squabble
Object: This one requires teamwork. Out of all the new toys spread out on the floor, participants must agree on one single item that all of you must have right this instant, and fight over it.


Apryl said...

At our house, we had the problem of our four year old wanting to box up our 6 week old because, "he's a present too!" LOL

Laura said...

So funny... and true, as any parent would agree! Great post!

Torrie said...

Sibling Squabble can also be played year round.

Jennifer said...

These are too funny! I have 5 kids, and you're right on about those "games"...thanks for the laugh. :-)

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

Oh, we've played all of these games. Sibling squabble is our family favorite right now. I just came across your blog today. So fun! Janae