Friday, October 8, 2010

Google this

I've mentioned before how the internet is now my answer to everything. And it is truly helpful, when I want to know what a bat's ears look like (They look like this:)

Or when I need to look up the capital of Peru (It's Lima).

The only trouble is, most the answers I really, truly need can't be found online.

Or can they?

I thought I would try. First I googled "What is that funky smell in my house?"

The internet didn't tell me, but I did have a good laugh at some of the results, for instance the person who posted on Yahoo Answers this question: "Are guys bedrooms suppose to smell funky?" I find it hilarious that not only did someone ask, but also that fourteen people took the time to answer it.

Next, I tried googling this mysterious puzzler: "What happened to to the chocolate bar I hid in the cupboard?"

Nothing helpful there.

Finally I searched for the answer to this problem I've been pondering for months: "How come all three of my kids are never happy at the same time?"

Again, nothing helpful, and--strangely, I thought--about half of the results were something about McDonald's Happy Meals.

Could be my fault. I don't know, perhaps my searches have too many words.

Or maybe, just maybe, the internet does not have all the answers. For some reason I am kind of comforted by this fact, knowing there still remains an element of mystery in the world.

I would, however, love to know what that funky smell is.

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