Saturday, September 18, 2010

...and speaking of soccer...

So, the other day, after watching Moe's soccer practice and noticing that he never seemed to be necessarily paying a whole lot of attention to anything that was going on, I asked him if he knew what the goal of playing soccer is.

He thought about it a moment and then responded: "Actually, no."

(Side note--All of my kids say "actually" a lot, and it has been brought to my attention that I say it quite a bit myself. Actually, I never noticed before I had three mimics following me around all the time.)

Larry--experienced soccer player that he is, was quick to chime in with: "It's to have fun!"

My heart swelled with pride. But, I was looking for more of a textbook answer. "I mean, what is the object of the game. What are you trying to do when you play soccer?"

"Um," Moe said, "kick the ball?"

"Right," I replied. "And where are you supposed to kick the ball?"

"To the goalie," he said.

So close.

He also called his shin guards "lifeguards" today. How adorable is that?

I truly don't understand how some parents can be so intense. To me, watching a bunch of oblivious kindergarteners chasing the ball around a soccer field is one of the pure and fleeting joys of parenthood.

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Cassie said...

I like when they finally do get the idea. My seven year old finally kicked a goal yesterday after four years of soccer. He was so excited!