Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How hot was it?

It was so hot, our air conditioner went on strike.

I didn't even know our air conditioner was union until recently, when we had this little discussion:

Me: Um, excuse me, A/C?

A/C: [just sitting there] Yeah, what's up?

Me: Well, I was just wondering...see, I set the thermostat at 73...but it says the temperature is 81...

A/C: [shrugs] Oh really?

Me: Yeah. And so...well, I was just curious...were you thinking about kicking in anytime soon?

A/C: [gets riled up] Are you kidding me? It's like a hundred degrees out here! Do you have any idea how hard I've been working these last couple of days? Did you even read my contract?

Me: Contract?

A/C: My next shift starts at 2 a.m.

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