Sunday, June 6, 2010

You might be tired if... fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon, sitting upright in a dining room chair while three rambunctious children run around the room shouting.

No, it wasn't me. I was drinking a cup of coffee at the time. I've been sleeping upwards of nine hours a night and I'm still exhausted. It was my husband asleep in the chair. He is now upstairs taking a nap. See, he's the one who got up with the kids at 6:30 a.m. while I slept in.

We both have seasonal allergies which are making us stuffy, achy, stiff and sore, short of breath and ridiculously tired. Every time I see a bed I want to curl up in it and fall asleep, which is just not normal for me.

Other than feeling like total crap, though, I'm enjoying our summer break. We've got our summer membership at the aquatic center, about the only thing on the schedule is my yoga classes at the gym, and this week's plan is to pull weeds, mow the grass, and plant some flowers in the backyard. (I'm sure that won't make my allergies go haywire.)

I'm still plugging away on the second draft of the novel. And it looks like I might start blogging again, more than once a month. Stay tuned.

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