Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ruth, the Mom's Very Valuable Guide to Things You or Your Loved Ones Absolutely Must Have This Holiday Season

Item numero uno on your holiday shopping list should definitely be this useful item from Hammacher Schlemmer.:

The Tabletop Cotton Candy Maker.

This is the tabletop machine that spins carnival-worthy cotton candy in your own home. The machine is easy and safe enough for even children to operate--simply add granulated sugar to the heating chamber and in just minutes it produces wisps of feathery confection that you can collect on a chopstick or straw (add food coloring to the sugar to create a colorful treat). The red bowl, plastic shield, and sugar container are removable for easy dishwasher cleaning. Includes sugar measuring scoop. Plugs into AC. $69.95

Why save cotton candy for special occasions? Now you can feed your children fluffy granulated sugar every day of the week!

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Does the 69.95 include a handy slave for taking the children out to expend their suger high outside of my house? No? Probably why I don't have one....