Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick, but not sick of writing

Word count after 11 days: 19,864

I thought I was falling behind last night when I took my total and divided it by 12 days, because the calendar on my computer said it was the 12th. Well, it was, but only because it was after midnight. This morning I realize I've only written for 11 days! Whew, still on track.

Last night was another session of writing in my dark bedroom with a restless little girl curled up beside me. I would never have voluntarily tried writing on my bed in the dark, but I get quite a bit done that way, no distractions, and it's downright cozy.

One obstacle has been the fact that illness has fallen on our house, landing primarily on me. The boys are completely fine, no symptoms of any kind. My daughter has the nighttime cough, but during the day she doesn't seem sick at all. Then there's me, my head in a cloud, swollen throat and coughing up very unpleasant-looking stuff.

Being sick makes writing 2,000 words a day more difficult. And staying up late every night to write 2,000 words is probably not conducive to my getting better.

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