Monday, October 19, 2009

Perspective shift

Loud, enthusiastic conversation between two boys, ages 7 and 5:

"Hey, he eats hot sauce! And he goes, 'Aaaaaaaah! Too! Hot!' And then he throws up fire! And then he poops! And the poop is fire!"

"Yeah! He has fire poop!"

"And fire throw up! And he eats MORE hot sauce! Because he is dumb! And so he throws up again!"

"He throws up more fire!"

"Yeah! And he keeps throwing up! Because he can't stop!"

"And then he poops!"

"Yeah! He poops fire! Lots and LOTS of fire poop! It's all over the place!"

My reaction before having kids: Oh, gross.

My reaction now: Awww, how sweet. They are getting along so well.

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Torrie said...

Too funny. I used to work with this lady before I was a mom and she made up this song about the different kinds of poop. I thought it was so stupid and gross.... now I get it, and dont' think it's gross at all. In fact that song was dang funny!