Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saving the world one latte at a time. Or not.

Since my attempt to quit caffeine has so far resulted in much mental anguish but absolutely no change whatsoever in my daily life, I visited Starbucks yesterday.

(I can tell Starbucks is going to be a problem if I stop drinking caffeine. Considering it is the halfway point on our walks to and from school, and that my kids are as hooked on their pricey donuts as much as I am on their pricey lattes, it's not going to be easy to resist.)

Yesterday, I even remembered to tuck my reusable cup into my bag when I left the house, something I usually forget to do. At Starbucks, though, I momentarily forgot that I had brought it. I ordered my drink, opened my bag to pay, and saw my cup sitting in there.

"Oh, yeah, I have my own cup," I said, handing it to the cashier. At the same moment I noticed the barista was already starting to write the order on a paper cup. "Guess I'm too late," I commented.

"That's okay, we can still use yours," the cashier said, handing it to the barista, who turned and threw the paper cup into the trash.

Which, to me, kind of defeats the purpose.


Cassie said...

It is kind of like when I bring my bags to the supermarket and they put them in the plastic and then in my bag. I would stop bringing the bags but they do give me 2 cents for each.

Torrie said...

The starbucks conspiracy continues!
Too funny about the fate of that cup. So much for being "green" huh?

Angela said...

ah! i did the same thing last week. they are so quick on the draw of that cup, i swear!