Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leapin' lizards!

I must be psychic. How else to explain the fact that, just a couple of days after my dream about snakes and lizards invading my home, I watched a (rather large) lizard slither into my garage?

I have been so creeped out to go into the garage at night when it is time to feed the dogs. I turn on the light and make as much noise as possible. I know that he probably made his way out in search of bugs to eat. But just knowing that lizards can be in garages is enough to keep me on edge whenever I go out there.

Lucky for my dogs, they now have a new use: Deterring Lizards From Entering the House. They are very busy these days with this new responsibility added to their current tasks of Barking At Anyone Who Walks By, and Shedding.

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