Monday, September 21, 2009

I can so totally NOT quit anytime I want

I'm trying to quit drinking.

Caffeine, that is.

Quitting caffeine is easy for me. I have done it many, many times. I just go cold turkey.

The trouble is that every time, I only quit for one or two days. One or two horrible, miserable, foggy, headachey days.

This time I have decided to take a more gradual approach. In order to reduce the side effects and increase the likelihood of success, I'm diminishing the amount I consume over about three months. In theory I think it is a good plan. I'm using my calendar to keep track. My calendar says I should have one cup of black tea this morning.

I am on my second cup.

The problem with quitting caffeine is there are so many opportunities to make exceptions:

I need to stay up late tonight and finish this, so I need the extra boost.
I am so grumpy it's going to traumatize the children, better have a latte and cheer up.
I didn't sleep enough last night so I'm extra tired.
I'm on vacation.
I just need it, okay? Get off my back, you stupid calendar!

Tomorrow I will explain why I am quitting trying to quit caffeine.


Cassie said...

I go through that all the time. I decide I have had it until about 2:00 when the kids are just hitting their stride and I'm ready for bed and then I decide that caffeine is really necessary for my health.

Jane said...

I think that's something I can't do. I'm so in love with coffee. But, I admire you for having the courage to do so. Good luck. Can't wait for your next good post. By the way, these free gift cards might interest you too. Have a blessed day!