Friday, June 26, 2009

She didn't learn it from me

Let's just say that if my daughter was a mother, and her dolls were real babies, she would be dealing with Child and Family Services on a regular basis.

Unless their clothes are stitched onto their bodies, her babies never wear anything, even in winter.

They sleep in a big heap in a single crib, with blankets and pillows thrown on top.

With a bottle of milk in the bed--a big dental no-no.

This unfortunate girl, stripped of her authentic Native American garb, has had her head shattered twice, broke an ankle, and recently lost an arm. Still, look at that big smile. What an inspiration!

And check out this poor baby, who has been heavily tattooed, and is obviously in shock.

Luckily, my little girl is only 2, so she has a few years to go before her first babysitting gig.


Angela said...

haha!! well, i love the multiculture family, anyway! :)

Suburbanessa said...

It always is amazing what they do to the dolls... Love the tats.

Janell said...

Hahaha...I remember cutting my dolls hair.

Maureen said...

HAHAHA!! Thank you for making me laugh so hard that I awoke the 11.5 pound growth I have across my torso.