Sunday, June 14, 2009

Legos, salsa and shades of grey

One thing I think is funny is that you can spell it "grey" or "gray" and it is equally correct. Neither spelling is necessarily "right" or "wrong," just like that concept we call the "grey area" (or is that "gray area"?)

Actually my spell-checker seems to prefer "gray." But the spell-checker on my computer is too opinionated for my tastes.

Anyway, did I have a point, you ask?

Yes. I wanted to discuss things that I both hate and love, that are both fully good and fully evil. Our world is not a black-and-white place, as some people would have us believe.

For instance:

Legos. I hate Legos. My spell checker does not like the word "Legos" either. I suppose if I write LEGO bricks it will not underline it in red dots. Yep, sure enough. But who calls them "LEGO bricks?" Get with the times, spell checker!

Why do I hate Legos? Because no matter how much time it takes to pick them all up, it takes only 4.5 seconds to scatter them to the farthest corners of the house. And because when I step on them in bare feet I want to strangle someone.

On the other hand, I absolutely love Legos. And I'm so glad my kids love Legos. Few toys inspire so much creativity, along with hand-eye coordination. It's a race car! Now it's a skyscraper! Now it's a spaceship! Now it's a dinosaur! Now it's Abraham Lincoln!

Chips and Salsa. I love chips and salsa. Good, fresh salsa that is. There is nothing I abhor more than going to a Mexican restaurant and being served Pace picante sauce. Okay, if I did some soul searching I could probably come up with a few things I abhor more.

Fresh salsa, though--ahhh. We like to make our own. In fact, we made some a few days ago. I had some that night, and again for lunch the next day. Then there was an unexpected date night to a Mexican restaurant, where of course we had chips and salsa. Then the following day for lunch, I enjoyed still more. That night, I finished it up so it wouldn't go bad.

Which brings us to the flip side of all this delicious chip-and-salsa enjoyment. Salsa, of course, is tremendously healthy, what with all the fresh tomatoes and vegetables. Combine it with chips, however, and you've got an evil invention. I'll start with just a taste, and by the time I'm done I've consumed half a day's worth of fat and calories just in tortilla chips.

Funny thing, though. When all is said and done, if I had to choose just one toy for my kids and one food to eat the rest of my life, it would probably come down to Legos, and chips and salsa.


Torrie said...

i have been on the biggest chips and salsa kick for 2 months now. I eat it nearly everyday. Corin and I even went on a quest to find the "ultimate salsa".
Also, I believe grey is the British spelling and gray is American. kinda like theatre and theater. I prefer the British way just cuz it looks cooler and seems somehow more sophisticated, but that's just me.

Angela said...

I love you. No hate there. JUST a whole lotta love... :)

And, I'm totally with you on the Legos. LOVE/hate. And...the chips and salsa, too.

I miss you, sister!

Firefly mom said...

You know what I hate about Legos? The stupid clear ones that you can't see when they're on the carpet, like a mine, just waiting for you to step on it. Who was the a@@ who invented clear Legos?? He should be made to walk a mile - barefoot - over the danged things!

Bear Bunch said...

I know exactly what you mean about Legos but there is never any hate for chips and salsa for me.

Anonymous said...

It tells you legos is wrong because it's not a word you moron! There is NO plural of lego, it is simple lego; be that a piece of lego or a bag of lego. Just plain old lego.

God i hate americans sometimes, you've butchered the english language enough as it. Please leave our beloved lego alone thank you.